STREAMLINE 76 – 5 rooms

The STREAMLINE system with a width of 76 mm has a special design in step with the new trends.
Starting from a profile with 5 or 7 insulation Chambers both at the frame and at the sash, the windows will provide high thermal and sound protection, maximum stability and a lifetime certified by independent institutes of 50 years.

The seven-chamber profile can lead to obtaining a thermal insulation coefficient below 1. Streamline line with five chambers, width of 76 mm, Class A of wall thickness, will ensure an excellent technical solution at a fair price.

We can make Streamline windows with simple opening, swing, oscillating and pivoting, doors with interior or exterior opening, sliding-swing and harmonic.

The windows can be Salamander white, laminated in various shades that imitate wood or colored in any RAL color. We can use heat-resistant glass with a thickness of 24-48 mm with Argon with two or three sheets of glass that can be with sun protection, secure, clear, matte, sandblasted.
The hardware used can provide us with increased degrees of resistance to burglary.

For any type of joinery we offer window sills, window sills, insect nets, shutters and exterior blinds.

Technical data:

76 mm constructive depth, 5 or 7 insulation Chambers, 2 seals, thermal insulation (glass window and reinforcement) Uf =0,86-1,3 W / m2K, sound protection up to 47 dB, resistance to theft Class 2 (DIN V ENV 1627).

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